A guide to finding and fighting villains. Includes reflections on the difference between a business's problems and a business's villain
When you craft messaging, there's always more than one unique value proposition
Marketing is the object of derision and sneers; messaging is dinner conversation
Just because AI can be a good writing assistant, doesn't mean it can turn garbage into value
Editor in Chief as a ServiceListen now (11 min) | Editing is a key ingredient to perfecting brand messaging. But how to edit?
Book Review: HumbugListen now (9 min) | Fantastic resource for understanding theories and ideas about branding and marketing
Rule of Three in Brand Messaging and Talking PointsListen now (10 min) | Plus one useful example thereof, from Steve Jobs
One final Christmas feel-good story. Which is also the anatomy of a successful product launch. Which yields a surprising question about your strategy.
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