Art of Message

(formerly Second Opinion)

Art of Message is for consultants, creators, and entrepreneurs who want to get their messaging right.

The goal is to provoke ideas about the connection between messaging and the other parts of your life and business – your voice, your product design, positioning, branding, and marketing strategy. So when you put it all together you stay on message - and the message hits.

* * *

I have a theory that one way to make good messaging happen is to own your terms - and take that ownership to the extreme.

With that, my question for you is this: how do you become the owner of the ideas that matter most to your business or other pursuits? Do you create your own dictionary?

I think so - learning how, when, and why to coin and define your own terms is at the core of Art of Message.

* * *

I’ve worked in tech, digital marketing, and branding since the late 90s – mostly as an independent consultant. I’ve had a hand in well over 2000 digital projects, mostly websites, and mostly for F500, large nonprofits, universities, and tech startups.

Writing is important to my business and sanity. It helps me learn and extract wisdom from the work I’ve done.

As of January 2021, I’d written about 400 articles totaling 200,000 words and recorded some of them as audio casts. These were originally published on MailChimp as the Second Opinion newsletter and archived on my personal website/blog.

But now I’m here on “the stack”, where it’s easier for me to publish.

Hope you enjoy (:


Rowan Price
I will read/listen to anything interesting - send it my way, please! I publish "Art of Message" to help tech and consulting firms get their message right. I also publish "Free as in Lance" for fellow indie consultants.